Hi, I’m Abbey Hartley. 21-year-old wife, mother, lover of all things food, Jesus, and the beautiful things in life. At an given moment, I can be found in the kitchen, on my face worshiping my King, or seeking new ways to enjoy this crazy ride called life. These are the main ingredients to the complex recipe that is ME. It’s not always pretty – truth be told there are many moments of complete and total chaos that are drizzled with meltdowns and sprinkled with knockdowns – but the good times far, far, FAR outweigh the bad, and for that I can be nothing but thankful.

Cooking, baking, and of course EATING, are lifelong passions of mine that I pursue diligently and (mostly) as excellently as I pursue my relationship with God. I am close friends with chocolate and coffee and am always looking for new ways – preferably at the same time- to incorporate them into my life. The kitchen, has been and always will be the place in this world where I am most at home.

Five years ago, I forgot about loving life, and almost lost my life to Anorexia, a severe and deadly eating disorder. I started this blog because I want to share my journey- my “to date” experiences – with life, loss, food, and starting to find myself again. The road to happiness has been long sought, and, I cannot lie, it’s been hard. But I promise there is happiness, and like anything truly good, it involves generous amounts chocolate and coffee.*

Most days.

To anyone that cares to continue reading, I will try to write to you everyday. I invite you to not only share my story, but my kitchen as well. Here, you will always be a guest and a friend and welcomed accordingly with good food and kind words. I will share my thoughts, my history, and my food with you freely, and my only hope is that you always find a reason to smile with each and every visit.



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  • I love how authentic your writing is! Keep it up! I’m excited to follow you on your journey. I’m a new blogger too, so I totally can relate to your anxiety about posting!

  • anbajana says:

    Hi Abbey,

    I am very impressed by your article and it has certainly inspired me to write my blog immediately. I have also been procrastinating in writing my blog for fear (of so many things). I agree with you, the good things in life far outweighs the trials and difficulties we face.
    Thanks for your encouragement.


  • thebandbb says:

    I enjoy reading your blog, the honesty you display is endearing. Keep it up! I was also beyond nervous to publish my first blog for the very same reasons.

  • kazza169 says:

    …………so what is for lunch tommorrow?

  • Thank you for writing through your fear!! The best writing is authentic and transparent. It is going to touch people in deep ways. LOVE IT!

    May God continue to give you words and courage!!!

    Many blessings to you.

  • mpr3ss says:

    I just love love the way you speak so freely about yourself. I am a new blogger and I am trying to use this blogging as a new way to help me express myself more freely. I really love your spirit and I’m looking forward to following you…Oh and we definitely have something in common if not any thing else we both love being in the kitchen.Looking forward to your next post. 🙂

  • Blogging spooks me too…but I can’t help myself. You definitely have a voice, so keep those words and paragraphs coming.

  • Lyn Leahz says:

    I love coffee! Unfortunately, I have many food allergies at the present, so I only eat fruits, veggies, whole grain rice with wild rice, and oat bran. I don’t consume any sugar at all except for what I get naturally in fruit. I love cream and sugar in my coffee, so I use Coconut Coffee Creamer and Stevia. I can’t have dairy right now either, so I drink unsweetened coconut milk. Can’t deny that when I see a slice of pizza with cheese dripping off of it or a nice looking cookie, or slab of cake, that my mouth doesn’t water or that I don’t look like a puppy dog begging for food! LOL I am a Christian author, so you might like my website if you check it out sometime sister! God bless you, nice blog! http://LynLeahz.com

  • Lyn Leahz says:

    BTW, forgot to mention, I am a survivor of eating dissorders. From ninth grade in school until January of 1994 (when I had my teeth fixed) I was bulimia-rexic. I had a heart attack, almost died of renal failure, and sank down to 64 pounds. The Doctor’s told my parents there was no hope for me, I was too headstrong. I literally had to crawl to the bathroom some mornings to use the toilet because I had no energy. I was hospitalized in EDU’s twice, the second time for many months, and on a heart monitor. I know this sounds nuts, but I actually did die once. I was lying in my bed and saw the ugliest looking monster i have ever laid eyes on! It was pale grayish white and a cross between (this is the best I can describe) a skeleton image and an alien. It was staring down at me, and right next to me. Suddenly, I was above myself looking down, and it was as if I was looking through a slight mist or veil. I felt extremely ill, and there was great pressure..a feeling of pressure about me. I could not speak, so I thought, “Jesus save me! In the name of Jesus save me!” Over and over. Suddenly I was back in my bed again and the thing was gone. I give my Lord thanks for delivering me from eating dissorders. I’ve since had children, yet now, the same spirit of rejection of food is upon me, from a different approach…food allergies! But now, I don’t want to reject food! LOL So pray for me that the Lord delivers me from this. My right side of my face swells when I eat most foods, and I look like I am smirking when it happens. God bless you again! I know all about how hard overcoming eating dissorders is. It’s very hard. Unlike alcoholism or drugs, there is nothing that one can take away from you..it is all in your thinking. Furthermore, it is the same exact dissorder as obesity…the Obsession of food.

    • Lyn, you have one of the most incredible testimonies I have ever heard.You literally had me (and my mother!) in tears. I believe every word that you wrote, and do not count an of it as “crazy”. The faithfulness of the Father to us is literally mind boggling, and He so obviously has great and wonderful plans for your life! YOU my friend, are an over-comer through Christ! I will be praying for you, and the food allergies, too! Be blessed!

  • Lyn Leahz says:

    I’m forty years old now, so that would have been approximately 13 years I vomitted everyday, so many times a day I can’t remember. I’m blessed my stomach didn’t erupt, and blessed to be alive!

  • Andrea Kelly says:

    Hi Abbey! I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster award!

  • Arlene says:

    I love your writing! God bless you and your plans. Your mom has got to be soooo proud of you!!

  • Lyn Leahz says:

    Thank you! I hope you’ll stop by and see me. I went through the ringer with eating dissorders, that is for sure. I remember my mother and father crying a lot, and they would get so frustrated they didn’t know what to do. I also remember one morning we looked out the window, and both of their cars were being repossessed because they were spending all of their money on trying to get me better. I remember they went and bought some food out with some extra money, and my mom got so upset over something, she picked up her chair and started slamming it up and down, it went through the glass top of the kitchen table. Next, she was lying face down in the walk in closet, I could see her feet and legs sticking out…and she was crying horribly. These are the things I remember. I also remember her saying in frustration (she didn’t mean it), “Why did I have to have you as a daughter? Why did God curse me? Why couldn’t I have had a miscarriage instead?” This is how I found out I was almost miscarried. Yeah. The memories are horrible, undoubtedly. I remember being in and out of hospitals all of the time..and the worst part was, it was all in my head..there was nothing that anyone could just take away. How at the time I longed to be an alcoholic, or a drugg addict..just so someone could take it away from me..but they couldn’t. Only trusting God, and lot’s of digestive enzymes from the health food store could.

  • Lyn Leahz says:

    Oh, I also have another blog you might like, http://promisebook.wordpress.com

  • weisiare says:

    You are an inspiration.

  • Wow, I just discovered your blog and I totally love it! Your writing is so special, so funny, so real. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be coming back to check on upon your stories:)


  • dste says:

    I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award! Take a look at my latest post to read all about it!

  • Cameron says:

    Hi Abbie! I love your Christmas Eve post and I couldn’t agree with you more. I had a quick question and was hoping you could email me. Thanks so much! 🙂

  • Hey Abbie! Stumbled upon your first post and about me section and related to you so much. My story is very similar to yours. God, anorexia, starting over, and creating a blog where I overanalyze all the assumed reactions I will get to a post. Anyway, thanks for the read. It was helpful to know that I’m not alone in these feelings 🙂

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