Dearly Loved 

July 24, 2017 § Leave a comment

Dear Lost Girl, 

There is fire in my heart. Even as I pen these words, I am swallowing and choking on words of anger and sorrow and deep, deep hurt. My hands are shaking from the shock of being so easily cast aside in favor of something so perishable and temporary. My feet want to carry me to wherever you are so I can rage at the lie that is holding on to you so tightly. If only I could shout loud enough to break through the barrier of noise that you have built around yourself in order to drown out the truth. I would say to you – Do you not know that you are dearly loved? Do you not see that you are worth so much more than the life you have chosen to settle for? How have you let your heart become so deceived?

I have walked the road you now find yourself traveling, and I wish for nothing more than to rescue you from it – to spare you the inevitable heartache and emptiness that always comes from choosing to distance yourself from Truth and Life while you dance with darkness. The cup that you are drinking from will never satisfy the thirst of your soul, and will only ever leave you thirsty. The treasures of this life that you are clinging to so desperately will be tested by the flame, and they will perish and leave you empty. If only you knew – you would turn from the deceptive delights of this life and run back to the shelter of the Love that called you into existence.

Somewhere along the way you bought into the lie that you should follow your heart so it can lead you to happiness. I’m here to tell you that the truth is, our hearts are hopelessly dark and deceitful, and will always lead us astray. The only hope of happiness and satisfaction in this life is found in Jesus. There is no “free and easy”, and the cost is high – but the payoff is the greatest thing you could ever imagine. Far greater than any feeling, and eternally more satisfying that anything any person on earth could offer you.

No, Lost Girl, this is not another lecture. This is a plea. A plea to choose something that is real and lasting. Don’t yield to the lie that you are too broken, too lost. The Father’s love song for you will never end. His Love for YOU is deep and wide and won’t be cast aside. You can never outrun His love, or mine. Beyond the pain and the heartache, my heart burns with love for you, and waits in hope for the day of your return. Always.

– A. 


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