Dear Lost Girl

April 15, 2016 § 3 Comments

Dear Lost Girl,

It’s been a long time since we’ve talked and you have actually heard me. But, I’ve been watching you. I’ve watched you run to anyone and anything that you’ve been led to believe will fill the ever growing void inside your heart. I’ve looked on with a heavy heart as you self destruct from the inside out. Oh, Lost Girl – my heart aches for the deep and searing pain that you must feel – pain that you can’t or won’t let out.

I can’t pinpoint the moment when you started to lose yourself. Was it a decision you made, or something that happened and surprised you as much as me? Did you wake up one day and look in the mirror only to realize that the person you were staring at was far from the person you wanted to be? I’m desperate to know- because I’m desperate to understand how the passionate, fierce Fire Girl I used to know has become a vague and distant memory. I need to know – I need to find my Fire Girl again. Lost things are always meant to be found.

But I need to know,

Who told you that you couldn’t dream? Who told you that the smokey haze of oblivion would numb the hurts you hold locked so deep inside? Who told you that your life wasn’t worth more than what this world has to offer? Who told you that your value could only be measured by the number of followers on your Instagram or retweets on your twitter? Who told you that you weren’t with waiting for? Who told you that the pleasures you concede to today won’t effect the future of tomorrow?

Who told you these lies? And how could you ever believe them?

I grieves me to know you care so little for your life that you freely and willing hand over pieces of your soul to the lowest bidder. You are worth so much more, Lost Girl. I know you have believed the lies-I know because I see you living them out. You cling to the world of fallacy and and embrace the whispers of false truth, all the while One stands behind you, beside you- beckoning you “Come home, Lost Girl. Come be found, in Me.”
I know the voices that roar inside of you are promising you the life you so desire. They say “Do this, and then you’ll be happy and free.”

But are you?
Are you happy?
Are you free?

I know the truth often seems harder than a lie. But please, Lost Girl, hear this truth today:

You are loved with a love extends beyond all reason.
You are treasured by One who would leave a multitude, for you to be called Found.
You are a treasure worth dying for.
You are forgiven and redeemed by the God who promised to give you a new name.

I’m never going to stop looking for my Fire Girl – I’m not going to let you forget her either. So make a choice. Choose life. Choose real, lasting love. Choose to lay down your pain and pick up Joy and Peace and Hope. I promise you – they are much easier to carry.

❤ A.



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