The Things That Really Matter

December 24, 2013 § 7 Comments

I’ve been avoiding Facebook and all social media for the past few days due to all the A&E and Phil Robertson hating going on. Because, while I also have an opinion and a point of view on the situation, I don’t need to see, hear and be berated by the nonsense every single day.

But today, as I watched my freshly refreshed newsfeed fill up with pictures, rants, blogs and vines (99% of which were pertaining to the drama and posted or shared by fellow believers), I wasn’t just irritated. I wasn’t just bored. I wasn’t just frustrated. I was sad. More accurately, I was heart broken.

Today is December 24th. It’s Christmas Eve. And instead of posts, pictures and blogs about celebrating the greatest event in the history of the universe with friends and family, what I saw was Hate. Judgement. Accusations. *Your opinion.

*and by you I mean someone else

This time of year, whatever your personal belief or political stance may be, is supposed to be about joy. It’s supposed to be about family, love, peace and seasons greetings.

Where, might I ask, are the pictures of loved ones gathering together? Where has the marvel and wonder of Christmas gone? Where are the expressions of gratitude and joy over having been Redeemed some 2000+ years ago? They are gone, having been replaced by the ceaseless crucifying of a tv station and a single man.

The part in this whole bit that makes my heart so heavy, is the fact that we have allowed ourselves to become so distracted that we have forgotten what and why we are supposed to be celebrating. Whether you believe in Jesus, or Santa or both, Duck Dynasty and the latest tv drama should not be where our focus lies. As I Follower of Jesus Christ, MY reason for the season is celebrating His magnificent birth, life and death that has ultimately saved and redeemed my broken life. But, even if that’s not your thing, I am fairly certain that the reason for YOUR season is NOT Duck Dynasty, The justification or punishment of the Robertson family, or even gay rights.

So friends, do you think, that for a moment, a day or 2 at most, we could take a step back from the latest Hollywood hype and begin to dwell on the things that really matter in our day to day lives? After all, while every day is a reason to be thankful and celebrate the gift of life, Christmas only comes once a year.


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