August 1, 2012 § 9 Comments

Blogging is like friendship.

All about communication.

And lunch** dates.

**breakfast, brunch, dinner, coffee, and dessert, too. I don’t discriminate.

That being said, ask any of my friends, and they will tell you that I am the worst communicator they know.

Not exaggerated.

It’s not that I don’t love them, or think about them, or miss them (or you). Because I do. All the time. Really, It’s me. I’m just awful at keeping in touch. Call it self-absorbed or rude if you like, but that’s just the way I am. I would love to chalk it up to technology failures, politics, religion or any of the other countless scapegoats out there that consistently take the fall for human short comings*, but then I’d be a liar, too.

*another post, another time.

So, to apologize for letting an entire week wiz by without so much as a how do you do? or even a simple recipe, I’m gracing you with some lusty food photos and a few other random “life-shots”, as a sort of quick peek into what I’ve been doing for the past week.

Baking sweet things

Eating obnoxious amounts of broccoli

Turning fungus into fabulous

Playing favorites with my fruits

Spending quality time with my sister

Did you even need to ask?

Eating lustily

Making messes

Embracing life as a beach bum

Being cheesy

Missing this guy.

That pretty much sums it up. Let’s do lunch** soon, ok?

❤ A.

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§ 9 Responses to Apologizing

  • ZowiesArtBox says:

    I am sure we can forgive you.. just this once 😉

    Have you tried making your own butter? This is one of the things I have been procrastinating with recently, and if you can tell me how to get that loverly oven roasted garlic flavour into home-made butter (blog to follow shortly 😉 ) I will be most ecstatically happy! Much Love, a big fellow foody 🙂 x

    • Well thanks friend! haha 🙂

      And butter .. oh sweet creamed butter. This is not something that I have attempted to make yet .. I cannot lie, the thought of tampering with perfection is daunting, to say the least! But I’m always willing to try anything once! (My next “from scratch” adventure is going to be ricotta cheese!)

      If I happen to tackle butter, I’ll be sure to post and we can compare! Can’t wait to see how it went for you! 🙂

      • ZowiesArtBox says:

        Haha, it is messy and it took us three goes (each!) but it was fantastic fun and I am going to try again and again until my cellulite takes over the whole of my thighs! 😉 Good luck with the ricotta! x

  • Apology accepted! On to the next post! XD

  • hlupu says:

    This must be why having girlfriends was and has been so hard for me – because I can’t do small talk or thorough follow up. I think you are great at communicating, it’s just finding the time to do it:-) And to be honest all those things that were filling your time- they were totally worth it weren’t they:-)

    • I’ve finally found someone similar to my situation – it’s been extremely difficult for me to have friends, I think mainly I don’t thorough follow up. Not because I don’t want to, but I just can’t find the right time, so very soon they down graded themselves to “just” friends 😦

      But hey, blogging is another way to “meet” friends, which don’t need to concern about time difference 😀

      Abbey, no need to apologize, lots of us are on the same boat 😉

      By the way, I am very happy to see you mentioned “I cannot lie” in different posts – keep it up, God knows!

    • I agree, it’s the “finding time” part that I struggle with the most! And again, you are so right – all those other time fillers have always absolutely been worth it! 🙂 Thank you!

  • kkbrew says:

    The everyday posting is a challenge I have yet to meet, but I’m thinking I may try a “365” challenge next year. I understand the going a week or so without communicating, though. Sometimes we get caught up in living, so we don’t have time to actually communicate to others. (Given time, I can come up with even better reasoned rationalization, too.) Keep up the posts as you can. You’re off to a fabulous start, and I’m envious of it, quite frankly. 🙂

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